New political mobilization in Greenland against charges


New charges on cigarettes and boozes meets heavy resistance


Picture of ship in harbor at Nuuk

Ship at Nussuaq Bay, Nuuk. MH photo GNU license


By Mikael Hertig, M of Sci pol



Resistance against new fees on cigarettes and alcohol in Greenland meets surprising resistance, both among Greenlanders in Denmark and in Greenland.

Demonstrations in Nuuk and other cities could attract op to 2.000 people in Nuuk, Greenland. This type of mobilization is very rare.

It is a well-known fact that charges on most consumer products have a negative social influence. That means, that fees legitimized through health policies really serve fiscal regards.

A very narrow majority by the unstable minority government lead by Kim Kielsen and Treasure Minister Vittus Qujaukitsoq meets political resistance.

I have followed Greenlandic politics since 2013; normally, it has been very difficult to understand. One reason is that the public debate is so symbolic and nonsense-like. The one and only theme is independence of Denmark. 80 % of all Greenlanders agree that Greenland as soon as possible shall obtain independence. Political mobilization is very difficult because of the enormous space and the small populations. The geography decides so much. (Literature: Marine Duc in French, Marc Nutall in English)

However, this resistance seems general. This theme has to do with social indignation. I am little surprised to experience that the rise of social indignation in Greenlandic politics is a brand new phenomena. 

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